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WordPress is a blogging type web script used to build many websites. It is free to use and open-source, two things I like 🙂

I build many websites using WordPress (including this one) because it is easy to work with for me, and easy for clients to use, it’s actually very user friendly all the way around. I could write a very long post about how to use WordPress but Siteground already has a few tutorials you can peak at here.

For me, WordPress’s use of “plugins” makes it very easy to add features to any site. There are literally 1000’s of free and paid plugins available to choose from, they range in use from e-commerce to security, from contact forms to weather widgets.

Another huge benefit of using WordPress is how SEO friendly it is. There are 100’s of SEO plugins that can supercharge your rankings but out of the box it is very good at following the SEO rules.

If you want more info about WordPress or have questions please feel free to contact us.

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