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Web Usability

Website Usability is something that is often overlooked by most website firms. This is can be a very valuable tool for any website, all the websites we build are user friendly for both you and your audience out of the box. As with anything though, when someone is building your website they know where everything is, they are exchanging emails and calls with you and explaining where everything is, most of the time upon launch your audience will know where everything is without explanation. Sometimes though, that is not the case, this is where a web usability analysis and possibly testing comes into the equation.

This is especially useful for those that already have a website that they like but it is just not performing in terms of end user participation. It could be an e-commerce store that has a large amount of abandoned carts, or any website with a large bounce rate. These things can be fixed and ChaseWeb can help you with that.

If you think your website isn’t performing the way it should, contact us today and let us help you.


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May 28, 2014

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