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magento_extensionsMagento is a full feature, purpose built E-Commerce platform. This year we have transitioned away from Virtuemart and to Magento, mainly because Virtuemart’s development has stagnaged and we’ve found Magento to be a much more solid system.

Magento is purpose built to be a E-Commerce CMS and shopping cart solution with a massive development community that offers any type of add-on or extention that an online retailer could ever need.

IT IS FREE! The Community Edition of Magento can be used for free by anyone anywhere. You are getting the world class usability and security of a Magento hosted packaged without the cost of the hosting and admin overhead. Magento does offer business and enterprise all in one solutions should a client want to use them.

Reporting, order handling, shipping, can all be automated to allow you more time to work on your business and less time on printing, packing, and shipping orders.

SEO is important to us all, and SEO is built right into Magento with friendly URL’s, dynamic page titles, meta meyword options, and much more.

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